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Accelerate Business. Foster Loyalty. Block Fraud.

Adapt to New Challenges

Adaptive fraud detection that learns and evolves, prevents frauds in real-time, and helps grow your business. Our superior combination of machine intelligence and flexible data ingression is disrupting conventional thinking about risk and offers a pioneering approach to fraud protection.

Real-Time Fraud Intelligence

Fraud prevention that is designed to be sensitive to morphing fraud trends and techniques. Our unique fraud prevention platform, self-optimizing machine learning models, and flexible data ingression ensure that your business is always protected against the latest threats.

Tailored to Your Business

Get up and running with a tailored solution in days instead of months. Our customers span banks, payment processors, ecommerce, and marketplaces. The machine is trained on your data, and our team analyzes your business patterns.

Fraud Prevention Technology
for Your Unique Business Challenges

Adaptive Data Ingestion

Our beacons, APIs, and SDKs generate valuable data directly from your site and mobile app. Simility augments this with custom data feeds from virtually any source and uses machine learning to auto-categorize, transform, and consume data for real-time fraud analysis.

Adaptive Fraud Intelligence

Combination of machine-learning and human intelligence creates a powerful blend to continuously adapt and outperform the fraudsters, as your business evolves. With every intuition added, your fraud prevention adapts and evolves, refining and improving the detection of anomalous patterns.

Visualization and Smart Decisions

Simility automates decisions on 99% of your transactions, but for the less than 1% that still require human analysis, empower your analysts with customizable workbench and automated workflows, so they can focus on complex investigation. Use data visualizations to effectively map entities and relationships without writing a line of code.

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We take security seriously. Our PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type II certification, data isolation, data security (both in-transit and rest), and others attest to highest level of security in the industry. Read more to know about Simility’s secure cloud service.

Flexible Deployment

Simility is available as a SaaS based multi-tenant service, a single-tenant VPC service, as well as on-premises deployment. Our flexible deployment options are up and running within minutes to days.

Unparalleled Support

We deliver world-class support 24/7 through our team of product experts and data scientists. As fraud is constantly evolving, we provide data-scientist-as-a-service to keep our customers one step ahead of fraudsters.

Flexible, Versatile

Simility is visual and intuitive, and does not require coding expertise. It is flexible and can be adapted to changing requirements using visually configurable tools, whether it be custom data ingestion, customizing models, or defining new rules.

Growing Family of Customers

Leverage Simility’s Expertise
to Boost Your Business

Simility is disrupting the conventional thinking about risk and offers a pioneering approach to fraud protection. With a dedicated team of data scientists and cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms, Simility is continuously evolving its platform and technology, keeping our customers one step ahead of fraudsters.

With our world-class 24/7 support, services and data-scientist-as-service model, we ensure your business remains secure.

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Feb 21, 2018

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If a bad actor or criminal gang wants your data—it’s probably already out there. They will find the perfect hacking tool, method, or vulnerability to retrieve it. Whether its identity theft, online fraud via a mobile device, or card not present — they’re waiting and...



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Account origination fraud remains one of the fastest-growing threats today for organizations ranging from online businesses to financial institutions. The tech brief explains how Simility can help you uncover the true identity of malicious new accounts.



Omnichannel Banking Needs Omnichannel Fraud Prevention Solution

Omnichannel banking is reshaping financial services as we know it. More financial institutions are embracing this technology, and enterprises need to know where it’s going. Request this on-demand webinar to understand the diverse ways in which customers are banking and its impact on fraud.

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