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Back to School Means More Online Fraud Risk

The back-to-school period is always a tense time for parents and their children. Making it more stressful still are online scammers, who will do anything they can to capitalize on busy shopping periods and student loan requirements to generate illicit…

Sean Nierat
Sean Nierat Sep 23, 2020

ML Dashboards: Driving Insight From AI-Powered Fraud Analytics

Machine learning (ML) sits at the heart of advanced fraud prevention platforms like Simility, a PayPal Service. But there’s a difference between boasting of the technology on a specs sheet and delivering it in a meaningful way for users. Data…

Sean Nierat
Sean Nierat Aug 26, 2020

How Feature Engineering And Feature Selection Support Machine Learning-Powered Fraud Prevention

Machine learning (ML) is a critical application of artificial intelligence (AI) used by Simility, a PayPal service, to help beat the fraudsters. The powerful algorithms we design can spot even the most sophisticated fraud attempts and are continually evolving to…

Farhan Mohammad
Farhan Mohammad Jul 08, 2020

Data-Driven Fraud Prevention Starts With a Data Lake

Data lakes can play a prime role in driving competitive advantages as part of machine learning-powered fraud decisioning. Data is the fuel that powers modern business. And when it comes to online fraud, it's highly sought after by both scammers…

Sean Nierat
Sean Nierat May 21, 2020

Fraud Detection and Orchestration Hubs: How They Can Help Your Business

In the ongoing battle against rising fraud levels, organizations are increasingly turning to so-called “hubs.” These offerings consolidate multiple point solutions and internal customer data to optimize detection, improving the customer experience and streamline operational processes. According to a recent…

Sean Nierat
Sean Nierat Apr 15, 2020

How to Stop Account Takeover Attacks in Their Tracks

Twenty-first century consumers live much of their lives online. To do so, they open accounts with a variety of internet-based companies — everything from banks, insurers, and social media providers to e-commerce stores. This makes life easier, with card details,…

James Nisbet
James Nisbet Feb 25, 2020

Overcoming The Challenge Of Bias And Discrimination In Machine Learning

After Phillip Alston, UN rapporteur on poverty and human rights, presented his report to the UN a few weeks ago, the machine learning (ML) community sat up and took notice. In his report, Alston pointed out how new technologies revolutionize…

Jonathan Doering
Jonathan Doering Jan 30, 2020

As Online Fraud Professionalizes, It’s Time To Empower Risk Teams With Better Tools

Law enforcement works tirelessly around the world to combat the scourge of online fraud and is now warning of organized gangs increasingly gravitating to fraud.  Enterprises must match these efforts with improvements of their own. That means supporting risk teams with highly usable,…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Jan 22, 2020

Why It’s Time To Recession-Proof Your Organization With Anti-fraud Tools

After one of the longest periods of US economic expansion on record, many experts are saying it’s time for a recession. That’s troubling in itself, in terms of the potential for job losses, financial uncertainty and economic stagnation. But it could also have a major impact…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Jan 15, 2020

Tackling The Problem Of False Declines To Drive Business Growth

Digital transformation is non-negotiable for today’s global retailers. They must meet growing market demands for seamless omnichannel experiences in order to drive customer loyalty and success — or risk falling behind the competition. But fraudsters want in on the action…

Chirag Vaya
Chirag Vaya Jan 08, 2020