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Everybody on board as Team Simility sets sail on San Francisco Bay for an off-site

Simility comes from the word “similis”, which is the Latin word for “similar”. Simility reflects both our philosophy and our approach to fraud detection.  Our team’s combined 27 years of fighting fraud at Google provided us with two invaluable insights:

The first – Combine the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning out of them.

The second – Give front-line fraud fighters tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without needing to write code.

With Simility, we’ve achieved both.

Rahul Pangam

Co-Founder and CEO

Kedar Samant

Co-Founder and CTO

Uttam Phalnikar

Co-Founder and Chief Enterprise Architect

Wesley Kading

Director of Sales

Vivaik Bharadwaaj


Ted Mattson

Director of Sales

Swastik Bihani

VP of Product Management & Head of India Operations

Bob Stock

VP of Business Development

Paulo Moura

Head of Latin American Sales

Ravi Sandepudi

Head of India Engineering

Glenn Cobb

VP of Solution Engineering

Lynn Strand

VP Marketing

Jayan Tharayil

Product Manager

Suresh Godhaniya

Software Engineer

Vinay Dwivedi

Software Engineer

Hrishikesh Bhand

Analytics Experimenter

Varun Putta

Data Scientist

Rishi Bansal

Software Engineer

Anupam Tarsauliya

Software Engineer

Darren Wong

Software Engineer

Lokesh Nyati

Software Engineer

Ayaz Ahmad

Software Engineer

Sruthi Yapalapalli

Data Analyst

Anshul Rathore

Software Engineer

Vinay Aggarwal

Software Engineer

Vishal Babani

Data Analyst

Gouthami Boinpally

Data Analyst

Ritesh Arora

Data Scientist

Arun Prasath

DevOps Engineer

Prachi Agrawal

Test Engineer

Siva Surya Teja

Data Scientist

Satya Deepak Ayyagari

Data Analyst

Chirag Vaya

Data Analyst

Arvind Upadhyaya

UI Developer

Payal Baid

Content Specialist

Deepa Swaminathan

Sr. Exec Admin


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