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Eric Newman is the Vice President Business Development at Simility. He has a rich history within the fraud and cybersecurity industries, holding executive roles at RSA, SilverTail Systems, Pindrop Security, RiskIQ, and Phoenix Technologies, among others.

Online Fraud Is Getting Smarter: Firms Must Respond In Kind With Behavior-Based Tools

Digital transformation initiatives across the globe are generating billions of dollars, with the analytics segment alone expected to reach an estimated $74 billion this year.1 But while organizations focus on getting closer to their customers with innovative new services, and…

Eric Newman
Eric Newman Dec 11, 2019

Addressing CNP Fraud to Reduce Chargebacks and Protect the Bottom Line

Digital businesses are adopting innovative measures to offer differentiated customer services and make the online customer journey as seamless as possible. Offering multiple online payment options is one such mechanism that businesses use to make payments convenient for customers and…

Eric Newman
Eric Newman May 16, 2019

Zero to PSD2 in 8 Weeks

The European Commission’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is helping to facilitate new opportunities and players within the payments market, but it is also creating substantial new obligations around security generally, and authentication specifically.   In short, unless an exception…

Eric Newman
Eric Newman May 23, 2018

Accountability Matters: Why Firms Need to Step Up with Proactive Protection

Cybersecurity and fraud prevention go hand-in-hand for both businesses and consumers, just as cybercrime and online scams are intrinsically connected. That’s why we’re supporting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the US again this October. With it comes a host of events and opportunities to…

Eric Newman
Eric Newman Oct 10, 2010