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Kedar Samant is a seasoned technologist and a fraud and risk management expert. Kedar co-founded Simility and crafted the vision for Simility’s disruptive approach to fraud management. He has been key in establishing Similty’s product superiority and driving innovations. Kedar brings a wealth of experience from his prior stint at Google where he built the platform for fighting fraud and abuse across Google’s products. Prior to Google, he held technology leadership positions across industries including banking and online services.

Why It’s Time To Recession-Proof Your Organization With Anti-fraud Tools

After one of the longest periods of US economic expansion on record, many experts are saying it’s time for a recession. That’s troubling in itself, in terms of the potential for job losses, financial uncertainty and economic stagnation. But it could also have a major impact…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Jan 15, 2020

Recent Report Validates Simility’s Customer First Strategy

Fraud is a fast-moving business. Any company hoping to offer true value for its customers in blocking malicious transactions without adding friction for the end user must be constantly looking to evolve its tools and techniques. This is not an…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Apr 12, 2019

Hong Kong

Unpacking APAC’s Growing Digital Fraud Problem

APAC is a collective of 31 countries home to 60% of the world’s population and 50% of its internet users. While unprecedented numbers of people are shopping, banking, and interacting with digital businesses online, fraud has quickly adapted and has…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Mar 21, 2019

Biometrics for fraud prevention

No Silver Bullet: Biometrics Alone Cannot Predict Identity Fraud

Europe’s new banking laws are set to profoundly change the way online businesses are required to authenticate their customers. This is good news in that it should help reduce headline fraud numbers, but retailers are rightly concerned that it may…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Feb 27, 2019

4 Ways Fraudulent Accounts Affect the Banking Industry

Fight the onslaught of fraudulent new accounts registration attempts and beat the fraudsters at their own game Some of the worst data breaches, recently, have exposed personally identifiable information (PII) of millions of customers across the globe to potential fraud.…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Feb 05, 2019

2018 Product Roundup: Upgrade Defense with Upgraded Features

When it comes to proactively fighting fraud, Simility provides businesses with advanced technology-driven, cutting-edge solutions Petabytes of data are being generated every single day. Data-hungry work environments, rapidly digitalizing businesses, always-on smart-devices, Internet of Things, and social media are some…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Dec 27, 2018

Adaptive Decisioning Platform: A Potent Weapon to Fight Fraud

Big data analytics and advanced machine learning capabilities can help businesses remain agile in the face of evolving cyber threats In the data-driven, cognitive world of today, petabytes of data—big data—are generated in a single day. From rapid digitization of…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Dec 11, 2018

As Fraudsters Ramp Up Data Theft, Holiday Season Identity Fraud Beckons for Retailers

Increasing data breaches lead to identity theft, but it's not the only danger lurking around the retailers in the 2018 holiday shopping season  We’ve discussed before how fraud and cybercrime are two sides to the same coin. The former is…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Nov 13, 2018

fraudulent accounts

Fraudulent Accounts: Threat to Online Business

Businesses need a solution that drives customer acquisition with minimal friction while keeping fraudsters at bay  Technology is transforming customer experiences and business models through innovations in the financial sector. These innovations are empowering customers to open new accounts anytime,…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Oct 02, 2018


Why We Need to Embed Fraud Checks into Blockchain to Drive Trust

By embedding risk evaluation data into each blockchain transaction, enterprises can take advantage of the huge potential in the ledger technology without exposing themselves to unnecessary fraud risk There’s a great deal of talk right now about blockchain. Much of…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Sep 13, 2018