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Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO of Simility. Being a fraud detection industry veteran, he believes in combining the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning and giving front-line fraud fighters tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without needing to write code.

What Fraud Will Look Like In 2020: Get Set For Another Crucial Year

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen online fraud continue to evolve. E-commerce merchants, financial institutions and other organizations are pushing ahead with efforts to streamline business processes and deliver seamless customer experiences. But these initiatives continue to provide new…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Dec 18, 2019

Fighting Fraud in a Rapidly Transforming Travel Industry

Like many sectors, travel is undergoing major digital-driven transformation. This is helping to drive customer engagement and growth on a scale never before seen. But while the internet has provided a new platform for airlines, hotels, travel agents and others…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jun 05, 2019

Celebrating Industry Recognition as a Best in Class ML Vendor Simility

At Simility, we pride ourselves on leading a new era of machine learning-powered anti-fraud solutions. Since beginning this journey in 2014, we’ve come a long way in meeting the growing demands of our global business customers thanks to the tireless…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam May 02, 2019

Automation: The Key to Advanced Fraud Detection

The convergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning with automation will unlock unprecedented intelligence and help fight evolving fraud Innovations in the financial sector have provided customers with a number of payment channels—online banking, credit cards, e-wallets, and P2P transfers.…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Feb 21, 2019

As Fraud Evolves in 2019, Banks Need Smarter Tools to Drive Success

Retail banks and financial services are facing challenges with a constant pace of digitization. Customers, on one hand, are increasingly demanding seamless yet secure digital experiences across multiple channels and mobile devices. They want banking to be quick, easy and…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Feb 12, 2019

fraud prevention 2019

Unlocking Business Growth in 2019

In a landscape plagued with sophisticated fraud threats, technology driven fraud fighting solution can help digital businesses unlock revenue growth and customer loyalty Digital business platforms, including financial institutions and fintechs, are continually innovating to offer enhanced customer experiences. They…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jan 10, 2019

holiday retail fraud

As Retail Goes Omnichannel, Here’s How to Stop Fraudsters Doing the Same

Omnichannel retailer offering 'Buy Online, Pick-up in Store' option to  customers this holiday season must collect and analyze a broad sweep of information to minimize risk Omnichannel is taking the retail sector by storm. Promising greater profits and loyal customers…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Nov 20, 2018

The State of Retail Data Breaches & Rise of Security-savvy Customer

Businesses can succeed in an evolving e-commerce space with robust solutions that help detect fraud proactively and preserve trust of security-savvy customers. Technological advancements and innovations in e-commerce space have redefined online shopping experience for customers. While businesses are innovating…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Oct 23, 2018

Enable Faster Payments with Adaptive Decisioning

Unlike traditional payments, faster payments need time-sensitive multi-layered intelligence for real-time fraud prevention The payment industry is exploding with change. It is evolving to keep pace with the growing customer expectations of secure yet real-time, agile and frictionless payment services.…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Sep 18, 2018

The Future of Fraud Prevention: Why Businesses Must Look Beyond Point Solutions

Businesses need data-driven adaptive platforms that blend insight from multiple sources to fight ever evolving fraud.  Global organizations are facing a cyber-fraud epidemic as the race to digitize gathers pace. In the US, online fraud attempts are said to have…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Aug 30, 2018