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Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO of Simility. Being a fraud detection industry veteran, he believes in combining the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning and giving front-line fraud fighters tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without needing to write code.

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Driving Agility and Digital-Powered Growth in Financial Services

I’m pleased to announce we have closed on our agreement to be acquired by PayPal. Beginning today, Simility will operate as a service within PayPal. At Simility, we’ve always been 100% committed to solving the fraud challenges of our customers…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jul 16, 2018

Driving Innovation with PSD2 and Open Banking

Getting ready for PSD2 coupled with open banking strategies will drive innovation and help tackle fraud challenges effectively Revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, will forever change the way European payments market works and will have a lasting global impact…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jun 28, 2018

The Journey So Far And The Road Ahead

At Simility, we have worked hard over the past four years to protect global businesses operating in a digital-first world where customer behavior has changed, data breaches are the new norm and fraud is rapidly evolving. Our unique proposition was…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jun 21, 2018

Why Managing Trust is Critical for Digital Transformation

Digital disruption has demolished more than 50% of the Fortune 500 since 2000. From this snapshot, it is evident that technology is creating new online-only companies—i.e., Kickstarter for funding, Sofi for lending and Venmo for payments. The digital disruption and,…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Feb 21, 2017

Simility global footprint of customers

Simility Fraud Prevention Platform Launches Globally

After years working together at Google to fight online fraud and abuse, we set out two years ago to build Simility to help bring the rest of the world greater protection from fraud. It’s our belief that for the Internet…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam May 26, 2016

Quantifying Insight: Fraud Data Scientists Translate a Hunch into a Probability

Using credit card fraud as an example, how does a data scientist translate an initial observation into a tangible prediction that can be used to drive business decisions and identify fraud? Don’t get me wrong, I love The Scientific Method…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Apr 11, 2016

7 Leading Fraud Indicators: From Fresh Cookies to Null Values

Fraud is costly and running rampant in online marketplaces, social networks and communities across the web. Effectively spotting and stopping fraud on a global scale requires determining the signals most closely correlated with fraudsters. Fraudsters vary in their methods, machines…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Mar 10, 2016

It’s the Most Fraudulent Time of the Year

Two years ago the Target credit card data breach had a ripple effect that has led to the shoring up of payments security in the U.S. from “smart card” EMV machines to sophisticated anti-malware technology deployments to legions of managed…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Dec 22, 2015