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Sharon is a Product Marketing Manager at Simility. She has over 15 years of experience including market research and analysis, communications, and product marketing.

As Online Fraud Professionalizes, It’s Time To Empower Risk Teams With Better Tools

Law enforcement works tirelessly around the world to combat the scourge of online fraud and is now warning of organized gangs increasingly gravitating to fraud.  Enterprises must match these efforts with improvements of their own. That means supporting risk teams with highly usable,…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Jan 22, 2020

Do You Have a Legacy Fraud Solution? Here Are Eight Tell-Tale Signs

It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise, fueled by persistent data breaches, and the widespread use of anonymizing technology and automated account takeover tools. Over 14 million consumers fell victim last year, and this estimate by Javelin Strategy &…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Oct 16, 2019

Driving Improvements in Fraud Prevention As Threats Grow in Sophistication  

As the world digitizes, organizations and their customers are increasingly exposed to internet fraud. It’s the price we are paying for unfettered online growth. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Anti-fraud solutions have evolved over the years, from…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Aug 02, 2019

Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Weapon in the Battle Against ATO

The digital economy has given rise to disruptive business models that make it convenient for customers to transact online. Customers can easily set up and operate accounts online by providing personal information at sign-up and log-in, respectively. This ease and…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Jun 12, 2019

Recommerce at Risk: How To Beat The Fraudsters On Resale Marketplaces

Online fraud is just about everywhere today. In fact, retailers are estimated to  lose billions in card-not-present scams over the next several years. Yet some online markets are more vulnerable than others. Online marketplaces that enable the sale of used,…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero May 08, 2019