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Vanita Pandey | Former Vice President of marketing and product strategy at Simility. In this role she was responsible for establishing Simility's brand, driving Similty's go-to-market strategy as well as product and market positioning.

Taking our best-in-class machine learning platform to LendIt Fintech USA

  Simility spent a few days last week at Lendit Fintech USA, one of the key tech innovation events on the financial services calendar. We had a productive time reaching out to industry practitioners, listening to their pain points and…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Apr 18, 2019

Taking the Adaptive Fraud Detection Message to MRC Vegas 2019

On March 18th, over 1,600 industry professionals from 30 countries are expected to descend on Las Vegas for the Merchant Risk Council’s (MRC’s) annual MRC Vegas event. If you’re going, we’d love you to stop by our booth (719) or…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Mar 19, 2019

Clearbox machine learning for fraud prevention

Adopt Clear-box Machine Learning to Make Explainable Decisions

Clear-box machine learning algorithms allow businesses to make informed decisions, while accurately detecting fraud.  Machine learning is playing a pivotal role in enhancing customer experience and helping businesses fuel growth. It has evolved as the go-to-technology when it comes to fighting fraud.…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Mar 07, 2019

Trust: A Catalyst for Shared Economy’s Growth

Use of technology-driven fraud solutions can enable shared economy platforms to help new age entrepreneurs flourish safely In the recent years, the shared economy has piqued unprecedented interest and witnessed exponential growth. It is much like the barter of the…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Feb 14, 2019

What 2019 May Bring When It Comes to Fraud and Cybercrime

The coming 12 months will mark a crucial period in the fight against cybercrime and fraud. As criminal activity becomes more complex and sophisticated, regulations tighten, and businesses continue to digitally transform, there will be new challenges for security and…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Jan 29, 2019

Little Gift Cards, Massive Fraud Threat

Secure gift cards to ensure happy customers and an increase in revenue this festive season Gift cards are a hot gifting option this holiday season, as they save the hassle of finding the perfect gift for each individual; and recipients…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Dec 04, 2018

Buy online pick up in store

This Holiday Season Make Buy Online Pick Up In Store Work to Your Benefit  

Gain competitive advantage and spread cheer among customers with a secure BOPIS experience Holidays provide retailers with a perfect opportunity to offer personalized online shopping experiences and drive impulse purchases when customers visit their stores to pick up the items.…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Nov 28, 2018

new account fraud

Shut the Door on Fraud

Businesses need an effective fraud prevention solution that enables them to block fraud and acquire new customers with minimal friction New account fraud remains one of the fastest growing threats today for all online businesses. This is largely due to…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Oct 25, 2018

As Europol Warns of CNP Fraud Deluge, Adaptive Decisioning Becomes Key

Recent Europol report on Internet Organised Crime highlights increased sophistication of the malware resulting in cyberattacks of unprecedented scope and scale. At Simility we regularly report on the latest fraud trends and try to provide best practice advice to help…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Oct 09, 2018

Online Marketplaces: The Hotbed For Fraud

Online marketplaces need intelligent fraud prevention solutions to fight marketplace fraud in real-time Disruptive online marketplaces such as Amazon, Airbnb, eBay, Uber, and the likes, have changed the way consumers shop. They have raised the bar for consumer shopping experience,…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Aug 28, 2018