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Safeguard the Digital Banking Revolution

Millennials, emerging markets, and historically underserved customers have been driving adoption of digital banking. While fraudsters view digital banking as an attractive target, proper safeguards can elevate its security above that of traditional channels. Not only can Simility reduce fraud, but we go a step further and develop fraud-sensitive flows to reduce friction to good users.

Simility provides an end-to-end fraud prevention platform that has the ability to take virtually unlimited structured data feeds from across the enterprise and use advanced machine learning and data visualization techniques to detect fraud.

What Fraud Problems Can Simility Tackle?


Detect use of stolen or
fake identities to set-up
new accounts


Ensure online logins are from legitimate users and not compromised by fraudsters


Detect payment fraud in a variety of transactions from prepaid debit cards to ACH transfers


Help Card Issuers, Mobile wallets and Merchant Acquirers in solving unique fraud problems

Why Simility?

Secure And Flexible Deployment

  • Simility’s flexible architecture allows you to select the deployment that is the right fit for your business needs while providing you with the peace of mind that we have appropriate policies and strategies to protect your data.
  • You can host the Simility solution on-premise, in a virtual private cloud, or in Simility’s multi-tenant cloud.
  • Simility’s products and services are built to meet stringent PCI DSS and SOC 2 compliance requirements.

Information Integration Hub

  • Ingest structured and unstructured data at big-data scale from across your organization and transform it into relevant information to perform unified analysis.
  • Easily integrate with third-party APIs for identity check, address verification, Positive Pay, etc.
  • Device Recon technology provides intelligence about user’s authenticity and risk.
  • Full mobile and web browser capability; in-session monitoring detects suspect activities.

Data Visualization Enabled Human Analysis

  • Visual Graph Analysis allows analysts to link users and payments via entities like phone number and IP addresses, thus saving weeks spent working through spreadsheets.
  • Personalized case management, flexible UI, and activity dashboards highlight relevant information for fraud analysts, reducing manual review time by up to 50%.

Detection Combines Machine
Learning And Manual Rules

  • Adaptive machine learning models are customized for your use case and evolve with the changing nature of fraud.
  • Your analysts can create, edit, and test new rules in minutes instead of weeks with our easy-to-use Rules UI.

Data Scientist-As-A-Service

  • Our data scientists provide you the option to extend your team, on an as-needed basis.
  • Data scientists help with model building, tuning, governance, and validation. Fraud trends change over time, and this option keeps your models performing at optimum levels.

Case Study – Mobile Banking Fraud

A San Francisco-based mobile-focused bank targeting millennials grew successful by differentiating itself with features like no monthly fees, minimum balance requirement, or overdraft fees. When the bank needed help with mitigating fraud, it turned to Simility. Learn more…

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