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Superheroes of Simility-Joshua Bramall

With our swanky new office in Marylebone, London, these are exciting times at Simility! Over the past few years, London has been shaping up as a major center for cutting-edge AI development and research, so we took the opportunity to bring some of the most brilliant minds on board.

Part of this young and bright team is Joshua Bramall, who joins us as a data analyst. Joshua has completed his bachelor of arts in philosophy from King’s College, London, and his master of science  from Birkbeck College, London. He has gained rich experience from working in various industries, beginning with serving as an intelligence analyst for government agencies and law enforcement at the City of London Police, where he investigated criminal groups engaged in fraud, cyber crime, and associated money-laundering activities. He then moved on to work with a SaaS software vendor called Wynyard that produces products such as fraud-detection software for government, law enforcement, and financial services. He has also spent time in technology consulting, working recently with Ernst and Young and Avanade on a variety of projects focused on data analytics, including machine learning, in financial services. He has a number of pet projects, which mostly involve Twitter data and new data technologies.

Outside of work, Joshua loves to travel. According to his tracker app, he has covered 18% of the world so far, his favorite being Mexico because of the awesome food. His craziest travel memory is tracking wild chimpanzees in the jungles of Congo. He also enjoys scuba diving, and given a chance to go anywhere in the world, would love to explore Alaska. Another interest is music; Joshua  began to learn violin at the age of 4 and has played in many orchestras. He’s passionate about applying technology to real-world problems and is excited to start his journey at Simility.

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Pankhuri Bindal

Pankhuri Bindal

Pankhuri is managing HR at Simility. In her previous stints, she has led her own companies and has handled human resources for various IT and internet companies.
Pankhuri Bindal