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Superheroes of Simility-Sachin Bhandari

We’re glad to announce that Sachin Bhandari joined us recently as senior manager of engineering in our Hyderabad office. Sachin, along with leading engineering teams, will be assisting in technical design and system architecture.

After earning his  bachelor of technology degree in computer science in 2005, Sachin started his career at Paxcel Technologies, where he worked for nearly  12 years on financial projects focused on the stock market. He was a key contributor in growing Paxcel’s Mohali office from eight employees to more than 120. In July 2017, he started working with Anetcorp India, where he was responsible for managing the company’s Mohali office along with leading its product in the CRM domain.

Sachin is passionate about people management and loves to be a part of a start-up that’s backed by a great product idea.Outside of work, Sachin is a cricket fan and enjoys spending a few hours every week playing the sport with his family; as a child, he’d often be found playing cricket up to the last second before his final exams. An interesting fact about Sachin is that he’s the only member of his entire family on both sides who is not involved in the teaching profession. Talking about superpowers, Sachin wishes he could erase the boundaries that separate countries, and would love to visit Nankana Sahib in Pakistan someday!

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Pankhuri Bindal

Pankhuri Bindal

Pankhuri is managing HR at Simility. In her previous stints, she has led her own companies and has handled human resources for various IT and internet companies.
Pankhuri Bindal