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performance testing

Performance Tuning for Optimized Results (Part I)

Why is performance tuning so critical for Simility? Does our application ever fail to meet performance benchmarks? Our answer is a clear “no.” But how…

Jayan Tharayil May 24, 2018

Zero to PSD2 in 8 Weeks

The European Commission’s Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is helping to facilitate new opportunities and players within the payments market, but it is also creating…

Jayan Tharayil May 23, 2018

Superheroes of Simility-Lutger Kunst

Solutions engineers at Simility are proficient in sharing technical information at the business-executive or architect level for a prospective customer, and in adjusting depth and…

Jayan Tharayil May 17, 2018

travel fraud

Fasten your Seatbelts: Travel Industry Fraught with Fraud

The past decade has witnessed a spectacular rise in the travel industry’s online and mobile commerce. As in other businesses, going digital—embracing newer channels and…

Jayan Tharayil May 16, 2018

Fighting Fraud Without Wounding Customer Experience

Today, almost any kind of search, communication, or commercial transaction can be performed online in just a few seconds: paying bills, buying groceries, selling old…

Jayan Tharayil May 15, 2018

quickly adapt to new fraud attacks

Quickly Adapting to New Fraud Attacks by Easily Updating Rules and Machine-Learning Models

As you know, organizations are seeing constant new fraud attacks on their systems. New account fraud increased by 70% over the course of 2017 and…

Jayan Tharayil May 08, 2018

What You Need to Know About PSD2 in the EU

The original Payment Services Directive (PSD) was implemented in 2011. The purpose was to define Payment Service Providers as separate from other financial services, and…

Jayan Tharayil May 01, 2018

Don’t Let Deploying an Enterprise Fraud Detection System Prevent You from Migrating to the Cloud

More and more organizations are moving their IT resources to the cloud. Given the many benefits of migration, this trend isn't expected to slow down,…

Jayan Tharayil Apr 26, 2018

growth in cybersecurity RSAC FI

Tips from “Professional Growth in Cybersecurity–From a Woman’s Lens”

If you were at RSA Conference last week, you heard over and over again the rallying cry for encouraging diversity in hiring and promotion in…

Jayan Tharayil Apr 23, 2018

Women in Cybersecurity FI

Join Me for “Professional Growth in Cybersecurity–From a Woman’s Lens” @RSAC

Women in today’s cybersecurity industry are breaking cultural and gender gaps in this male-dominated field. If you’re a woman in this industry, you are likely…

Jayan Tharayil Apr 14, 2018