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Superheroes of Simility-Rajendra Sharma

Simility’s integration engineers are experts with an excellent understanding of the customer environment. They are creative technologists who know how to ensure a seamless integration…

Jayan Tharayil Apr 12, 2018

adding new data feeds for fraud prevention

Piece of Cake! Adding New Data Feeds Should be Easy, Not a Technical Hurdle

Adding a data feed to your organization can dramatically reduce costs and time – making it a business decision, not a technical decision.   Today,…

Jayan Tharayil Apr 10, 2018

Superheroes of Simility-Chad Means

We’re happy to announce that Chad Means joined us as a Program Manager in the USA. Chad brings with him over 25 years of delivering…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 29, 2018

Measuring a New Data Feed’s Value for Your Fraud Prevention Solution

Businesses know all about proof of concept (PoC) and proof of value (PoV). Proof of concept is a wireframe that illustrates the potential of applying…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 27, 2018

phishing bait FI

Phishing Red Flags — Will You Take The Bait?

Phishing red flags have been baiting Internet users for over two decades now. The first recorded use of the term phishing was coined twenty-two years…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 20, 2018

Maintaining Feature Velocity and Stability While Concurrently Delivering a SaaS and On-Premise

By virtue of having been in the enterprise software security space for more than a decade, we’ve had the fortune to see many product companies…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 13, 2018

3 Challenges Preventing Organizations from Leveraging More Data for Better Insights

If you ask a data analyst what data they need, many will answer “All of it,” no doubt in the belief that this helps solve…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 07, 2018

Trade surveillance

Trade Surveillance: Going Beyond Regulatory Requirements

These days it’s no longer a surprise that machines are used to do smart transactions at a high speed, with the goal of making profit…

Jayan Tharayil Mar 02, 2018

Credit card

Card Not Present — They’re waiting. They’re watching.

If a bad actor or criminal gang wants your data — it's probably already out there. They will find the perfect hacking tool, method, or…

Jayan Tharayil Feb 21, 2018

open banking security

Let’s Be Honest About the Potential Fraud Challenges with Open Banking

As Helen Saxon, chief money analyst at, explained to British newspaper The Guardian,“The idea of ‘open banking’ is that it opens up data on…

Jayan Tharayil Feb 13, 2018