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Do You Have a Legacy Fraud Solution? Here Are Eight Tell-Tale Signs

It’s no secret that fraud is on the rise, fueled by persistent data breaches, and the widespread use of anonymizing technology and automated account takeover tools.…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Oct 16, 2019

New Data Breach Milestone Should Focus Minds on Data-Centric Fraud Prevention

Data breaches come so quick and fast these days that both consumers and businesses are in danger of becoming desensitized. In August alone, tens of…

Sean Nierat Oct 02, 2019

Mastercard’s New Fraud Monitoring Program: Another Reason to Invest in Adaptive Decisioning

Card fraud is a constant challenge for modern businesses. Any organization accepting card payments online is exposed to chargeback losses, customer churn, brand damage and the…

Neeti Deshmukh
Neeti Deshmukh Sep 25, 2019

As Visa Lowers its Chargeback Ratios Merchants Need More Effective Fraud Management

Fraud prevention is an increasingly important part of running a modern business. If you accept online card payments, the chances are your organization will be…

Arthi Rajan
Arthi Rajan Sep 17, 2019

Driving Improvements in Fraud Prevention As Threats Grow in Sophistication  

As the world digitizes, organizations and their customers are increasingly exposed to internet fraud. It’s the price we are paying for unfettered online growth. But…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Aug 02, 2019

Back-to-School, Back to Fraud: How e-Commerce and Loan Providers Can Tackle Scams 

Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to drive revenue and evade the scrutiny of risk teams. This cat-and-mouse game has seen the bad guys…

Sean Nierat Aug 01, 2019

Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Weapon in the Battle Against ATO

The digital economy has given rise to disruptive business models that make it convenient for customers to transact online. Customers can easily set up and…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero Jun 12, 2019

Fighting Fraud in a Rapidly Transforming Travel Industry

Like many sectors, travel is undergoing major digital-driven transformation. This is helping to drive customer engagement and growth on a scale never before seen. But…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jun 05, 2019

Driving 2019 Success Through Risk Management

At PayPal we’re celebrating another great start to 2019 after our first quarter financials were released last month. Alongside the headline 12% increase in revenue…

Tushar Shah
Tushar Shah May 30, 2019

Guarding the Global Village: Tackling the Fraud Threat in Online Marketplaces

Many online marketplaces and shopping sites are taking the digital world by storm with user-friendly platforms for buyers and sellers to exchange goods and services.…

Hrishikesh Bhand
Hrishikesh Bhand May 29, 2019