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Addressing CNP Fraud to Reduce Chargebacks and Protect the Bottom Line

Digital businesses are adopting innovative measures to offer differentiated customer services and make the online customer journey as seamless as possible. Offering multiple online payment…

Eric Newman
Eric Newman May 16, 2019

Recommerce at Risk: How To Beat The Fraudsters On Resale Marketplaces

Online fraud is just about everywhere today. In fact, retailers are estimated to  lose billions in card-not-present scams over the next several years. Yet some…

Sharon Lucero
Sharon Lucero May 08, 2019

Celebrating Industry Recognition as a Best in Class ML Vendor Simility

At Simility, we pride ourselves on leading a new era of machine learning-powered anti-fraud solutions. Since beginning this journey in 2014, we’ve come a long…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam May 02, 2019

Taking our best-in-class machine learning platform to LendIt Fintech USA

  Simility spent a few days last week at Lendit Fintech USA, one of the key tech innovation events on the financial services calendar. We…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Apr 18, 2019

Recent Report Validates Simility’s Customer First Strategy

Fraud is a fast-moving business. Any company hoping to offer true value for its customers in blocking malicious transactions without adding friction for the end…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Apr 12, 2019

Bolster Defenses with the New AutoML Feature

Businesses can quickly create and/or retrain models, make them smarter and more incisive, and adapt to evolving fraud patterns using Simility’s new Automated Machine Learning…

Ravi Sandepudi
Ravi Sandepudi Apr 04, 2019

The Need for Speed: How to Mitigate Fraud in Real-Time Payments

To prevent fraud in real-time payments, banks and financial service providers will have to move from a post-transaction batch-based analysis and reporting model to a…

Hassan van de Riet
Hassan van de Riet Apr 02, 2019

Driving Value with Machine Learning-Powered Fraud Prevention

PayPal EVP and Chief Operating Officer Bill Ready published a fascinating blog post from the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) event in Davos, Switzerland a few weeks back.1 It…

Tushar Shah
Tushar Shah Mar 27, 2019

Hong Kong

Unpacking APAC’s Growing Digital Fraud Problem

APAC is a collective of 31 countries home to 60% of the world’s population and 50% of its internet users. While unprecedented numbers of people…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Mar 21, 2019

Taking the Adaptive Fraud Detection Message to MRC Vegas 2019

On March 18th, over 1,600 industry professionals from 30 countries are expected to descend on Las Vegas for the Merchant Risk Council’s (MRC’s) annual MRC…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Mar 19, 2019