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Differentiating Genuine Sellers from Fraudsters in Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces must be equipped with strategic, data-driven solutions to protect themselves from various forms of seller fraud Online retail marketplaces are making it possible…

Arthi Rajan
Arthi Rajan Nov 08, 2018

Clearbox machine learning for fraud prevention

Fight Fraud Intelligently with AI and ML

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are promising technologies that can help fight evolving cyber-threats from IoT devices in this hyper-connected world Massive disruptions…

Gurinder Grewal
Gurinder Grewal Nov 01, 2018

Fraud Targets Young and Old: Firms Need Better Tools

Cyber attacks are indiscriminate and identity fraud is a growing concern as it can affect anyone irrespective of who we are, how old or how…

Jayan Tharayil
Jayan Tharayil Oct 30, 2018

new account fraud

Shut the Door on Fraud

Businesses need an effective fraud prevention solution that enables them to block fraud and acquire new customers with minimal friction New account fraud remains one…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Oct 25, 2018

The State of Retail Data Breaches & Rise of Security-savvy Customer

Businesses can succeed in an evolving e-commerce space with robust solutions that help detect fraud proactively and preserve trust of security-savvy customers. Technological advancements and…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Oct 23, 2018

compliance with AI

Balancing Compliance and User Experience with AI

Attain business success and complete compliance with AI in the new data economy. We are living in a data-driven, cognitive world with workloads migrating to…

Gurinder Grewal
Gurinder Grewal Oct 18, 2018

national cyber security awareness month

Pulling Together to Tackle Fraud and Improve National Cyber Security

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the US all October. So, let’s use this opportunity to come together to understand the bigger picture,…

Tushar Shah
Tushar Shah Oct 15, 2018

Making E-commerce Marketplaces Safe for Sellers

Online marketplaces must verify seller accounts to prevent fraudsters from stealing seller credentials and using them for fraud The e-commerce industry has become the shining…

Arthi Rajan
Arthi Rajan Oct 11, 2018

As Europol Warns of CNP Fraud Deluge, Adaptive Decisioning Becomes Key

Recent Europol report on Internet Organised Crime highlights increased sophistication of the malware resulting in cyberattacks of unprecedented scope and scale. At Simility we regularly…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Oct 09, 2018

fraudulent accounts

Fraudulent Accounts: Threat to Online Business

Businesses need a solution that drives customer acquisition with minimal friction while keeping fraudsters at bay  Technology is transforming customer experiences and business models through…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Oct 02, 2018