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With Digital Empowerment Comes Great Responsibility—Fighting Cybercrime in India

Cybercrime in India is witnessing an upswing, and it has manifested itself into a trend that is likely to continue. A total of 1.71 lakh…

Swastik Bihani
Swastik Bihani Aug 14, 2018

Helping Businesses Stay Compliant and Profitable Through Complex Authentication Decisions

Modern digitally-fueled organizations need to be agile enough to respond quickly to changing market demands. But increasingly they also need to satisfy regulators and keep…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Jul 31, 2018

The Excitement Continues

The PayPal-Simility combination will empower businesses, worldwide, to prevent fraud and provide fast, reliable, secure, and friction-free financial transactions.  Following PayPal’s acquisition of Simility, we…

Uttam Phalnikar
Uttam Phalnikar Jul 26, 2018

Making Data a Competitive Advantage in the Fight Against Evolving Cyber Threats

Businesses must efficiently harness data to achieve actionable insights and make necessary changes to the rules, quickly The rise of the digital economy has led…

Ravi Sandepudi
Ravi Sandepudi Jul 18, 2018

high five FI

Driving Agility and Digital-Powered Growth in Financial Services

I’m pleased to announce we have closed on our agreement to be acquired by PayPal. Beginning today, Simility will operate as a service within PayPal.…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jul 16, 2018

Superheroes of Simility-Sachin Bhandari

We’re glad to announce that Sachin Bhandari joined us recently as senior manager of engineering in our Hyderabad office. Sachin, along with leading engineering teams,…

Pankhuri Bindal
Pankhuri Bindal Jul 06, 2018

Synthetic Identity Theft—How Fraudsters Create Fake IDs to Bag Real Credit

Charles Whitlock, Jr., 51, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, used fake identities to obtain 558 credit cards from a major U.S. financial institution. In May…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Jul 02, 2018

Driving Innovation with PSD2 and Open Banking

Getting ready for PSD2 coupled with open banking strategies will drive innovation and help tackle fraud challenges effectively Revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, will…

Rahul Pangam
Rahul Pangam Jun 28, 2018

Amid Major Industry Consolidation, ‘Simility and PayPal’ Offers Best of Both Worlds

Online fraud is a product of our digital-first world. It’s spreading rapidly across the globe thanks to a perfect storm of tech-savvy scammers, a continuous…

Vanita Pandey
Vanita Pandey Jun 25, 2018

Fraud Prevention for a Digital-First World: Why Simility’s Adaptive Platform is World Class

Yesterday’s announcement about our agreement to be acquired by PayPal is another milestone in the journey I started with Rahul and Uttam. It has been…

Kedar Samant
Kedar Samant Jun 22, 2018