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Join Our Team

At Simility, we appreciate wickedly smart people like you. After all, our founders share 27 years of experience at Google, some of the strongest Silicon Valley DNA there is. And we need you!

We’ve developed an innovative way to detect fraud by combining big data, machine learning, and people. Our tools empower front-line fraud fighters to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use—without ever having to write a line of code. As fraudsters find new ways to breach cybersecurity measures, the need for our capabilities is only growing.

Our customers go ga-ga for us, dropping their old tools for ours…and Simility’s investors, Accel Partners, The Valley Fund, and Trinity Ventures, strongly support helping us scale the business.

Join the team! We welcome big thinkers and passionate team players. Plus, as employees, we enjoy some amazing benefits and perks: Competitive salary, health insurance, company offsites, lunches, and much more. See what life is like at Simility by following us on Facebook @Simility!

The Superheroes of Simility