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After years working together at Google to fight online fraud and abuse, we set out two years ago to build Simility to help bring the rest of the world greater protection from fraud. It’s our belief that for the Internet to continue to grow and deliver life changing services, intelligent systems and professionals must work together to root out criminals and cyber-thieves.


Simility global footprint of customers

Global footprint of companies running Simility


The insights from six months of beta with numerous customers across the North American, Latin American, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions has allowed us to create a platform that is now accurately and efficiently processing millions of transactions per day. Our beta customers have told us they’ve been astounded by seeing a 50%-300% reduction in fraudulent transactions while also improving their false positive rates. As a result of these achievements and the onboarding of customers — across e-commerce sites, social networking sites, classifieds and marketplaces — today we are announcing the general availability of the Simility Fraud Prevention Platform.

Our Software-as-a-Service fraud prevention platform combines advanced machine learning and data visualization technology with a customizable rules engine that delivers adaptability to address rapidly growing and dynamically changing online fraud.

The Simility Fraud Prevention Platform has a full suite of services to inform fraud management decisions anywhere in the world:

  • Device Recon: Assesses the fraud risk of a device based on its behavior and characteristics using proprietary device identification and risk assessment.
  • Augmented Analytics Engine: Combines the power of human analysis and machine learning to uncover the fraudulent behavior hidden within structured and unstructured data.
  • Visualization Workbench: Empowers analysts to encode their intuition, discover patterns and make decisions on entire networks in one click.

Because different customers have different business models, user profiles and risk tolerances, we provide a versatile platform that lowers fraud rates and reduces friction to good users at the same time. Our aim is to put the key insights and controls in your hands, so your fraud management decisions can be fast, accurate and fully informed.

Pricing for the Simility Fraud Prevention Platform is very competitive on a per transaction or per user basis, with significantly higher ROI and lower TCO than comparable solutions given the higher efficacy of the platform. For more information on the Simility Fraud Prevention Platform or to schedule a demo, please visit:

By Rahul Pangam, Co-Founder and CEO, Simility

Rahul Pangam

Rahul Pangam

Rahul is the Co-Founder and CEO of Simility. Being a fraud detection industry veteran, he believes in combining the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning and giving front-line fraud fighters tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without needing to write code.
Rahul Pangam

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