Getting Started with Simility
for Superior Fraud Detection

Everything you need to get started with Simility from creating
a blueprint for fraud detection to achieving business success!
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Meet Our Experts

See how Simility can work for your organization. Also get information on our most competitive pricing and flexible payment plan during a live Q&A.

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Goal Setting

Simility can be implemented in several ways, depending on your business priorities. Goal setting assures the implementation will align with your fraud detection strategy.

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Choose Your Deployment

A few days is all it takes to get up and running with Simility. Choose from our flexible deployment options that best fit your business needs, budget, and resources. Choose from our SAAS offering (fastest deployment), or select on-premise or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) implementations

Each has varying degrees of resource and infrastructure requirements – so choose the one that allows you to meet your regulatory and compliance needs.

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Integrate Quickly and Easily

Our APIs and JavaScripts allow you to seamlessly augment your existing data feeds and transmit relevant information to the Simility platform. Simility enables you to integrate various data feeds with your backend – e.g. mobile applications, historical data, 3rd party data, etc.

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Build Custom Models

Our Data Science team members create cutting-edge fraud and risk models customized to your business. Working with your data and workflow (both user and internal) our team will build, train, and evaluate various machine-learning models to catch maximum fraud attempts while reducing false positives.

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Be Ready To Stop Fraud
and Increase Profits

The Simility Advantage

Secure Data

Strictest compliance with PCI DSS and SOC 2  security requirements to ensure your data is always secure. Learn more about Simility’s security standards.

Customized Solution

One size doesn’t always fit all. Simility offers a  customized fraud-prevention solution for superior protection.

Competitive Pricing

Simple and affordable pricing model based on every event being analyzed.

Better Fraud Detection
Begins With Simility

Get in touch to learn the best onboarding strategy and customized Simility tool to address your fraud problems. Got questions? Our experts stand by with answers to help you get the most of Simility. Let’s Talk