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How Robust Is Your Anti-Fraud Platform?

Can you offer a fraud management solution to your merchants as a value-added service? Simility can provide acquirers, processors, gateways, and independent sales organizations (ISOs) with a next-generation fraud management platform that can dramatically reduce the inherent risk in CNP transactions, as well as strengthen key merchant relationships.

Simility’s platform is easy to implement, covers emerging use cases like master merchant fraud, can invoke 3-D Secure for high-risk transactions, and addresses all types of online and mobile transaction fraud. Fraud analysts can seamlessly identify fraud patterns using industry-leading data visualization features, and modify detection capabilities with high levels of confidence.

Combining the powers of human intuition and machine learning in an all-in-one solution, Simility surgically and proactively identifies transaction characteristics and behavior indicative of fraud. Payment service providers can generate incremental revenue, help merchants avoid chargebacks and fraud losses, and gain new insights into their merchant portfolios by working with Simility.

What Fraud Problems Can Simility Tackle?


Review fraud trends and risk across your portfolio of merchants


Fraudsters create new marketplace seller accounts, take the money and run without ever delivering the goods


Fraudsters use stolen cards and merchants are left holding the bag for chargebacks


Mobile wallets, merchant account origination, or compliance

Why Simility?

Detection Combines Machine
Learning And Manual Rules

  • Adaptive machine learning models are customized for your use case and evolve with the changing nature of fraud.
  • Your analysts can create, edit, and test new rules in minutes instead of weeks with our easy to use rules UI.
  • Rules are auto-tuned based on rejected transaction information.
  • In-session monitoring detects suspect activity in the browser or mobile app.

Centralized View Of Cross-Portfolio & Cross-Merchant Fraud Trends

  • Visual graph analysis allows analysts to link sellers, buyers, and transactions via entities like emails and IP addresses, saving time and adding confidence to decisions.
  • Personalized case management, flexible UI, and activity dashboards highlight relevant information for fraud analysts, reducing manual review time by up to 80%.

On-Demand Expert Fraud Support

  • Our data scientists give you the option to extend your team on an as-needed basis.
  • Data scientists help with model building, tuning, governance, and validation.
  • Our support engineering team helps with technical issues and monitoring.

Quick Start, Flexible

  • Predefined transaction fraud and portfolio risk models help you to easily deploy Simility in-house or for merchants within hours.
  • Simility addresses use cases for a range of merchant types and business segments, from SMBs to enterprise clients.

Tailored Payment Solutions

  • Invoke risk based 3-D Secure to achieve liability protection.
  • Marketplace fraud models monitor sub-merchants and detect risk within the master merchant account.

Flexible Business Models For Revenue Growth

  • Partner models include referrals, reseller, and white label opportunities.
  • Use Simility to differentiate your offerings and grow market share.

Case Study – Pagar.Me

Relying on a legacy fraud detection vendor solution, was unable to stop the fraudsters effectively.’s merchants expected lower fraud losses and reduced friction to good users. wanted more control over and flexibility in the fraud solution they could provide their merchants. chose Simility. Learn more…

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