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How AI And Mobile Devices Are Fighting Fraud

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to trace fraudulent trends by analyzing the behaviors of transactions and devices. Read Rahul Pangam’s viewpoint on how AI can be used to prevent fraud while rendering frictionless mobile-banking experience in, a renowned source of information for US credit unions. 


Why managing trust is critical for digital transformation

Check out the article Rahul Pangam, Simility’s CEO and Co-Founder, wrote on why it is essential for disruptive businesses to build an online model of TRUST to reduce risk and friction.

Payments and fraud are proliferating. So should monitoring tools.

Check out the article Rahul Pangam, Simility’s CEO and Co-Founder, wrote on the need for dynamic security strategy for online marketplaces, banks and processors to reduce online fraud in wake of speeding EMV shift and proliferating digital payments.

"Fraud Follows Mobile Banking Adoption" - Simility Featured in The Paypers report.

Simility features in The Paypers report with its article “Fraud Follows Mobile Banking Adoption” that lists key risks and fraud prevention for mobile banking.

Simility Featured in The Nilson Report

Check out this article in The Nilson Report, one of the most trusted sources of news in the payment industry. It discusses how easily Similty’s fraud prevention products can be adapted to any business’ needs.

3 ways device fingerprinting must evolve to prevent fraud

Check out the article Rahul Pangam, Simility Co-founder and CEO, wrote on the future of device fingerprinting.

Simility adds $1.5 mln to first funding

Simility, a provider of cloud-based fraud prevention software, announced the closing of an additional $1.5 million in its first round of funding, bringing the total raised to $7.2 million

Technology fair in São Paulo shows the news industry

Latin America Representative, Paulo Moura speaking at the Cards Payment & Identification Expo! Paulo starts at 2:24.

Simility Launches Fraud Detection Service

Rahul Pangam worked at Google for seven years focusing on reducing fraud, and now he’s taken that expertise to his startup Simility. Pangam founded Simility with the goal of reducing online fraud…

Google alums rollout Simility fraud-detection platform

A team from Google’s fraud-detection group has started its own software as a service venture for spotting transaction fraud quickly based on rule sets and that also learns as it goes to improve…

How to Catch a Thief, e-Commerce Style

E-commerce directors and their IT security and loss prevention counterparts play an endless cat-and-mouse game with cyberthieves. The trick to getting…

Seven Signs of Online Fraud

Fraud detection provider Simility aggregated patterns across 500,000 browser-based devices throughout January 2016. Analysts looked for patterns in the 10,000 (or 2%) of those devices that were…

It’s the most fraudulent time of the year

It’s also harder to detect fraud because legitimate shoppers more often choose expedited shipping or buy pricey goods, normally warning flags of fraud…

Simility Seeded With $3.5M for Fraud Prevention

Simility Inc. has raised $3.45 million in seed funding from Accel Partners for fraud prevention…

Venture Capital Deals

Simility, a San Francisco-based provider of fraud prevention solutions that leverage machine learning, has raised $3.45 million in seed funding led by Accel Partners…


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