Professional Services

Not an expert? Help ensure success with a full range of professional services

Businesses need a layered approach to fraud prevention that not only incorporates the latest technology, but also an effective combination of best-in-class services.

Similty is trusted by some of the world’s leading consumer brands across financial services, payment processors and commerce merchants. Simility offers a full range of professional services, including data analytics, data science, and integration engineering, to help ensure high performance enterprise deployment while keeping key business drivers at the forefront.

Data Analytics

Advancements in data collection and accessibility have many businesses sitting on unrealized insights. Yet many businesses struggle with how to effectively analyze and use data to their advantage. Simility’s data analysts are product experts that have significant experience in data modeling. They can help businesses realize the potential of their data by uncovering hidden patterns, correlations, and meaningful insights, leading to more efficient and productive processes. Based on the continuous monitoring of fraud metrics, Simility’s data analysts suggest recommendations and make customizations to help ensure successful deployment and alignment with business needs.

Data Science

With deep expertise in statistical modeling and machine learning in the fraud and anti-abuse domain, Simility’s data scientists help businesses derive valuable insight by applying appropriate algorithms and predictive models for a business’ specific use case. In addition, data scientists work closely with the analytics team to create new processes for data modeling, and design decision strategies that not only include rules-based analytics and scoring, but also advanced machine learning models specific to each use case, thereby improving the ability to leverage the outcome of those models.

Integration Engineering

Development and testing of the platform is crucial to overall effectiveness. Through a deep understanding of the various components that comprise the platform, integration engineers help ensure performance and security. Focusing on the big picture, Simility’s integration engineers are enterprise solutions experts that monitor and manage the integration, infrastructure, and product performance.