Transform and
Enrich Your Data

Discover Facts and Patterns in Your Data
Lakes to Orchestrate Effective Risk Analysis

Transform and Enrich Your Data

Simility ingests your structured and unstructured data, transforming and enriching it, generating signals and insights to help you reduce fraud and provide a better customer experience.

Most enterprises have many silos of data from different business units and applications. The aggregated data holds vast amounts of valuable but difficult-to-harness information because it resides in different formats, structures, and forms. Simility’s purpose-built data-lake capabilities make it easy to ingest all this information and from it, generate meaningful fraud and risk insights.

Flexible, Adaptive Data Ingestion from Across the Organization

Organized and structured data alone
won’t keep you ahead of fraudsters

Simility helps you move beyond organized and structured data to identify anomalies and outliers and operationalize them within business processes. We can handle big data  in volume, velocity, and diversity (from across the enterprise as well as external data sources) for greater visibility into fraudulent activity.

Automated Data Governance Approach for Faster Data Preparation

Profit from all your data in a security-rich environment

A unique unified governance approach makes it easy to find, understand, integrate, and leverage all types of data by using a single data catalog, machine learning, and other technologies.

To fully leverage the information contained in transactional systems, there’s no substitute for the agility and security provided by Simility.

Unique Hybrid Data Management Capabilities Provide Greater Agility

Don’t let unnecessary constraints slow the data transformation

Simility’s comprehensive data management capabilities help you easily capture, activate, analyze, and engage with data. This provides greater insight and accelerates response.

Simility’s data transformation modules help you derive more value from your data:

  •    Data can be pivoted or de-pivoted
  •    Signals and transforms can be computed
  •    Derivative entities can be created

Integrated Dynamic Ontology Manager for Accurate Insights

Build smarter features and rules fast

Build smarter features for machine-learning models or rules by modeling your data with flexible graphs of objects and relationships.

Quickly achieve greater visualization and insight with Simility’s dynamic ontology manager.

Speed up your investigations with Simility’s pre-defined ontologies. You can also create new custom ontologies yourself, or with the help of our data scientists.

Simility provides you with the power to process vast amounts of heterogeneous data, correlate the data to identify anomalies, and deliver actionable business intelligence.

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