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Save time with our unified interface. Manual rules, machine learning, and Device Recon data are displayed in a single analytics view so your analysts don’t have to toggle between data analytics interfaces to see the whole picture. Simility simplifies the fraud-screening process.

Stay on task. Create and deploy custom workflows in minutes. Analysts stay efficient by automating their own work.

See things clearly. Use sophisticated data visualization with slicing-and-dicing features to identify patterns and relationships and screen for fraud.

Unified Interface

Simility pulls huge volumes of data from disparate sources; the most relevant signal is presented to analysts in a single interface so they see the signal without noise. Manual rules, machine learning and Device Recon data are all incorporated into a single fraud profile for each user. The signals from one data source inform the others, so analysts no longer have to click between views to make decisions.

Custom Workflows

Analysts can customize every aspect of their workflow to show the most relevant data, dive deeper when needed, and make bulk decisions to optimize efficiency. They can even automate their own workflows. The intuitive fraud-screening interface lets them test and revise fraud scores and risk thresholds to match the specific profiles of your customers, ecosystem, and business. Automated workflows facilitate faster analysis and better decisions that defend your data and your business from fraud.

Data Visualization

Our graphical network analyzer is a rich display that shows all the connections between various data types and allows you to expand and explore the complete network. Analysts can quickly slice and dice data along any parameter and accounts of interest can be isolated in bulk. Our advanced reporting capabilities let managers track the health of their entire system at a glance.

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